With billions of websites, how should you go about promoting your website


Most people who say, “I need to promote my website” think there will be one or two things they need to do once. Website promotion is an ongoing task. It is not enough to be one of the billions of websites or to be one of those that are being promoted. The question should be: How do I promote my website so I can rank in the top ten on the search engines?

A recent study showed that 97% of those who conducted the 61 billion searches performed every month do not click beyond page one. Now that search results include live social search results as well, ranking in the top ten for a keyword is the goal. If you cannot accomplish that, you can buy a sponsored ad that will appear high on the first page.

It goes without saying then, that your website needs to rank on the first page of Google.  Google owns the largest market share of internet search.  If you rank in Google, your rankings on other search engines will follow.  There are only 3 search engines that you should even concern yourself with.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  However, by focusing on getting the rankings on Google, more times than not, high rankings on the other engines will follow.

How Do I Promote My Website?

The kind of website promotion that achieves those results requires an integrated marketing plan. You can manage it yourself, hire a marketing firm to do everything for you, or work with experts who will provide the expertise you need on your marketing team. Only you can what you have the time and knowledge to do and what you afford to outsource. Then you must customize to address your market and to best present your company.

The way I promote my website will be different from the way you promote your website.

What are the Best Tactics to Promote My Website?

This is also a question I hear frequently. Here are the methods I use to promote my website and that I believe will serve you well in promoting yours.

– A professionally constructed website

– Research to identify the right keywords

SEO consulting services

– Buy some sponsored ads on search engines

– Effective social media campaign, to build interest and to build incoming links to your site

– Plan your blogging

– Internal site links

– Content development plan

– Article marketing

– Press releases and other steps to attract the media

– Submit the site to search engines, directories and index’s

– Optimal use of local search

– Use landing pages

– A lead generation strategy

– Invest in a lead management system of some kind

– Offer free items or information to get people to join your mailing list.

Once you master these tactics you will know how to “promote my website.” If you can learn how to do each of these tasks, or find someone who knows what they are doing, and you can weave these together into an integrated marketing and sales strategy – don’t forget sales – you will be well on your way to driving quality traffic  to your site. This is the best advice I can offer when you ask me, “How do I promote my website?

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