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We are WordPress specialists!

WordPress is the hottest website software in the world! It’s Search-Engine Friendly right out-of-the-box, but our custom installation makes it even friendlier.

Now you can put it to work for your business. A  “no hassle,” “no surprises” WordPress marketing package made just for you.

No Extra Charges – Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Addresses (POP and IMAP), Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus  software and WordPress installation and configuration are all included.

There are thousands of WordPress Themes available – most of them free – so your website can look just like you want it. And thousands of plugins allow you the freedom to have WordPress perform like as you like.

Getting Technology Out of the Way

You hear this a lot lately. It’s a philosophy that  has successfully employed since 1984. Get the technology out of the way and empower the user to imagine and create.

The truth is that hiding the nuts and bolts of advanced technology from the user reduces intimidation and allows a wider variety

of people to use the gadgets we take for granted.

The same is true of your online marketing. When the technology behind your marketing tools is complicated or too time-consuming, they are not used to their full capacity. You end up getting a lot less value for your investment of time and money.

How To Promote Your Website

With billions of websites, how should you go about promoting your website


Most people who say, “I need to promote my website” think there will be one or two things they need to do once. Website promotion is an ongoing task. It is not enough to be one of the billions of websites or to be one of those that are being promoted. The question should be: How do I promote my website so I can rank in the top ten on the search engines?

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