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What is the Mobile Web?

The Mobile Web is the same as the Web that you access from your desktop or laptop computer with one important difference – the Mobile  Web is accessed using cell phones.

For several years, growth of the Mobile Web was hampered by the limited capabilities of available handsets and the technical limitations of the networks they ran on.

The past few years has seen the rapid deployment of high-speed networks and more sophisticated handsets. 3G and High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)are being rapidly deployed worldwide.

Simple Way To Increase Conversions

And this is such a goofy simple thing, which is funny because if you are not getting people who want to join you I can promise you that you are somehow making things just way too complicated.

I get quite a bit of traffic to my sites and I get a decent amount of opt-in leads.

I am certainly not one of these, “Build as big of a list as possible by giving away a bunch of free crap so that I can sell them every affiliate product under the sun…” typs of guys.

Getting a Web Presence – Six Reasons to Go Cyber

Getting a Web Presence – Six Reasons to Go Cyber

Saying that the Web is complicated is like saying that football is aggressive. Web trends come and go, with success stories and disasters wrestl ing for attention

in the public eye. Sometimes people get it, and you have an amazing case like the advent of Twitter. Others miss the point spectacularly, such as CNN’s short-lived series where newscasters read excerpts from blogs.

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