Answering the question “Do I need a special Mobile Website?” is really quite simple.

Have a look at your website on a mobile device and see how it looks. Even if your website was carefully designed and programmed, it will very likely look pretty bad on a mobile handset.

Even an iPhone that displays a website exactly like it appears in a desktop browser has several issues that should be dealt with. Scrolling around on a website is problem enough in a desktop browser, but now you must scroll around a miniaturized version, pick the area you want and enlarge it to a readable size.

There’s a better way.

Mobile Website that is optimized for use on a handheld device presents essential information in a streamlined and easy-to-use format specially designed for the small screens on phone handsets.

Having a version of your website that is specially designed in this way provides two immediate benefits:

  1. Those visiting your website using a desktop browser have access to all of the information and graphics that their larger screen can display comfortably.

  3. Those visiting your website using a handset can be redirected to a special Mobile Website that gives them the essential information about your business that their screen can handle comfortably.

The redirection can be handled by software so desktop/laptop visitors don’t even know there is a special mobile site, but mobile users get their special version automatically.

There are special domains (.mobi) that designate websites designed for mobile browsers. There are also common subdomains used for mobile sites – a common one would be, where the “m” designates your Mobile Website.

Do you need one of these special domains – and which one is right for you?

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