Introducing the SmallBiz 3.5 WordPress Theme

According to Google, traffic from mobile devices and smart phones like iPhone, iPad and Android is exploding. And 50% of the searches from these devices is for local goods and services.

We’re very excited to announce the SmallBiz 3.5 – a new version of the SmallBiz WordPress Theme packed with new features, including:

  • Mobile Landing Pages – Serve special touch-enabled layout automatically when mobile a device is detected. Including iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and Android devices.
  • Fully customization navigation menus – New CSS Based alternative navigation menu with color chooser
  • New color schemes – 3 New graphical color schemes
  • New Layout– New “Classic Video” page

    layout due to popular demand!

Mobile, Touch-Enabled Layouts

We’ve found that the most common actions that people are looking to take when they look your business up on their mobile device are:

1) Call you with questions or for an appointment
2) Get a map and directions to your business

So we’ve created a touch-enabled landing page that you can activate and customize. This page will be displayed automatically to anyone viewing your website on a mobile device.

Here’s a screenshot of a SmallBiz mobile-enabled landing page on an iPhone:

Mobile WordPress Theme - SmallBizThe mobile landing pages are touch enabled

Once activated, the mobile layouts are served automatically to any smart phone or mobile device that visits your website. The viewer can still view your site in its original format if they wish.

When someone visits your website on a mobile device, they can call you or get a map and directions with just one touch!

Fully Customizable Navigation Menus

In this release we’ve also made the look and feel of the navigation menus completely customizable from within the SmallBiz Options panel. If you don’t like the nav menus that come with the color schemes, now you can completely customize the colors and styles.

Custom CSS Nav Menus for WordPress Themes

You’ll find this new capability in the SmallBiz Options panel:

Custom WordPress Nav menu optionsCustom WordPress Nav menu options


New Color Schemes

There are three new color schemes in this release, bringing the total out of the box

color schemes to 7. You can still create your own custom color schemes  as well.

SmallBiz WordPress theme new color schemesSmallBiz WordPress theme new color schemes


New Video Layout

By popular demand, we’ve also added a new layout that features a video on the home page. It’s just like the “Classic” SmallBiz theme layout, but features a video on the home page instead of a picture. This brings the total layouts that come with the theme to 7.


Thank you!

Bob Prince
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