What options do you have to get your Mobile Website up and running – that is, bringing you business


Lets out- line a few ways you can move forward to establishing your business’s presence on the Mobile Web.

If you use WordPress for your business website, you can:

  1. Use a plugin that automatically presents a mobile optimized version of your website to visitors  using a mobile device.


  3. Run a parallel WordPress installation on a separate domain that utilizes a special mobile theme to present your content in a way mobile devices can easily handle.

There are pros and cons to both ways, so ask us (252.355.5170) which is best for your particular use.

If you aren’t currently using WordPress to power your business website, you need to ask us why you could rank higher in the search engines and have a more flexible and powerful website by using WordPress.

If you have a regular HTML or PHP powered website, we can create a special version just for mobile devices using a .mobi domain.

If your website is Joomla! powered, there is a new plugin that can serve your Joomla!-powered content to different mobile devices using templates that are customized just them.

Find out more by calling Bob Prince today at 252.355.5170.



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