Email Marketing is a Cost-Effective Solution for Local Business


Did you know that email marketing to local customers can be a cost-effective way to market to local customers even if you don’t have a website?

Having a blog or a traditional website to send them to from time to time to retrieve information would be advantageous to have, but it is not necessary to get your email marketing campaign up and running.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, a properly executed email marketing campaign had an average ROI (Return-on-Investment) of $45.65 for every $1.00 spent. That’s a phenomenal return!

So how do your implement an email marketing campaign that will do that for your business?

Here’s how to start:

Email “Preferred Customer” Lists
When someone is in your store, it is the perfect time to ask for their email address. Hopefully, you have had a friendly encounter and their resistance to giving you the information is lessened. Get the email address any way you can. On a form, a card, whatever. And – this is very important – make sure to explain that they will receive a confirmation email with a link that they will have to click on to get their benefits. Also, give them some instructions to take home to be sure they receive your email.

NOTE: DON’T try to send these emails from your computer. If you do, most will get blocked by spam filters and your message won’t get through. You then copy those names and email addresses into your email campaign application, and mail to them on a regular basis. Once a month is probably too few and several times per week is probably too much, unless you have a special reason for doing so.

Choosing the correct email application for your needs is crucial. We can help you choose the right one and install and configure it for you.

Don’t have the time or the technical expertise to set up and maintain an email program and mailing list? Need someone to format your emails and make sure they get sent? Need help with sign up and customer takeaway materials?

BobPrinceMedia can take care of all your email marketing needs. Call me today at 252.355.5170 and we’ll take over from there.

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