Having a site is important. More important is having a site that your visitors love.  By ensuring a great user experience with a clean user interface,  I can create a site that engages your visitors. Not only can I help you see the results, we can measure them tangibly by helping you craft your web analytics strategy and defining your key performance indicators.

How much time do you visitors spend on site? How many pages do they see? What navigation works? We can build define them, build them, and test them for you.

  • Web Analytics
  • User Interface

Opposed to popular opinion, search engine optimization, or SEO, is not some magic dust your sprinkle on your website after it is completed in order to gain a better ranking. Search engine optimization is fast becoming, strategic internet marketing through creative online efforts.  Effective SEO involves some or all of the following:

  • A standards based, XHTML, CSS website
  • A consistently updated blog
  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • Execution of that plan
  • Measuring (using Analytics)

Web Analytics

Building a site isn’t enough anymore. In this day and age, you need to measure the results. We can help you roll out Web Analytics, set up your key performance indicators, find out where people are entering, exiting your site or being engaged, document the value of your content, and help you take advantage of opportunities. We can talk through your needs and make a recommendation on software, help with that implementation, and manage reporting.

If you need just need strategy help, we can offer that as well.

Already have analytics setup, but not sure what all of those numbers mean? Unique also offer a host of consulting and analysis services. Once we get access to your analytics or set an account up for you will can create a personalized, easy to read summary on what your analytics means and clear, easily executable steps to further promote your site or convert more visitors.

User Interface

Does your site focus on the three abilities?  Learnability. Readability. Navigatability. Is your site learnable? Are there clear expectations? If you aren’t sure, you can be certain that your users aren’t sure either. Through user goals, wireframes, storyboards, and component requirements I can help answer those questions with a yes.

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